Fruit bars
with a high proportion of raw sunflower (ground sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, cocoa butter) and declared fruit. Rawmazánka
Sunflower provides nutritional value with vitamins A, B and E, folic acid and minerals. Oatmeal is supplemented with fiber and other trace elements. Raw buttermilk, oatmeal and richly contained fruit in the bar form a complex natural source of energy. The bars are not sweetened or chemically treated. They are very rich and suitable for diabetics.

Honey bars
they contain exclusively natural ingredients such as bee honey, blanched hazelnuts, lyophilised strawberries, date paste, organic rice syrup, oatmeal and heat-treated cereal germ.

Coconut bars
they contain only three purely natural raw materials, namely coconut, organic rice syrup and raw materials according to individual species, such as hazelnuts, cocoa powder, lyophilized strawberries, whey protein. They do not contain any chemical additives such as dyes or preservatives.

Rawmazánka, creams, butter
It is well known that sunflower seeds are among the most nutritionally valuable crops in nature with vitamins B1 to B7 and vitamin E, acid
leaf and minerals. That is why tasty and gently processed sunflower seeds form the basis of our products. A big plus is the nutritional value of cocoa butter and other raw materials used. Everything is purely natural, chemically untreated. Suitable for diabetics are all creams except cane and with cereal sprouts. Use for pastries, pancakes, spreads, porridges, buns. All creams can be whipped and mixed very well. Storage at room temperature. Easy processing and good whipping. Raw fats can be used to replace other fats in products where it doesn't matter or the sunflower flavor is suitable (after nuts). Best for legume spreads. Bean, lentil and the like. The cream remains whipped, lubricated well. The taste is soft and the mixed beans lose their sharpness. The spread is softer and richer. Rawmazánka can also be used in fish spreads. Last but not least, Rawmazánka sunflower can only be mixed with yogurt and cottage cheese.